Our Story

This all started in my young daughters’ sandbox. Literally. It served as our batter’s box and the wood pile in left was an automatic double…

Perhaps like you, we each have our own backyard stories that include big brothers, Dads, sandlot buddies, and our Moms calling us home past sundown. Our childhood summers were not complete without folding chairs for strike zones, scrap-wood green monsters, and a treehouse press box.

I grew up in Southern California and we wiffled in back alleys, driveways, at the beach, on tennis courts, and canoe trips. Just about anywhere you could imagine. Then, after an underwhelming college baseball career and years in softball exile, I finally came home to the perforated plastic. Every year, I’d spend my grown up birthdays with 40-50 friends over a grill, bonfire, beer, and Wiffle® in the backyard – much to my wife’s chagrin.

Then in 2016 I had an idea:  “What if we started a small Wiffle league?”  

And that’s how KC WIFFLE began.

I called up a few buddies and asked them each to put their own team together. In 2016,  we had seven teams, the second year we grew to twelve, and by the third year we had two leagues, six divisions, twenty four teams, and hundreds upon hundreds of men and women mashing plastic all over the city – across all ages, skill levels, and from over the metro area (as far as Harrisonville, Lee’s Summit, Platte County, Tonganoxie, etc).

It’s stunning to see how the nostalgia of yesteryear and our values of whimsy, competition, friendship, and generosity are creating a Wiffle movement all over KC! Grownups are turning into kids again. The folding chair is back out, eyeblack is boldly smeared, stirrups are knee-high, and some grown men are videotaping their pitching mechanics. 

It is ridiculously absurd and wonderfully out of control.

Our tournaments, leagues, and large scale joint fundraisers like “Wiffle Ball At The Hollow” and “Crown Town Wiffle Weekend” have been able to serve our city and support such amazing partners like The Negro League Baseball Museum, C You In The Major Leagues, and The Battle Within. 

Since 2016, KC WIFFLE has helped to raise over $500,000.

Our Vision

KC Wiffle exists to bring joy back into the hearts of men and women while bringing out our community’s best through the nostalgic, whimsical, uniquely competitive, and meaningful friendships made through Wiffle Ball®.


We believe that the world needs to play again. Return to yesteryear. Have joy. Laugh at ourselves. A lot – together. 

We believe in serious whimsy and simpler times.


We believe in hearty competition and meaningful connections. 


We believe in meat, fire, friends, a savored beer, doing good and mashing plastic.


We believe playing Wiffle helps us become better human beings – alive, whole, and connected.


We are KC Wiffle.


Play Wiffle.

Save the World.

Our Wiffle Zeitgeist

There are four distinctive values that run deep in our bones. The KC WIFFLE culture is one that we cherish, fiercely guard and seek to pass on throughout every tournament, league, division, and fundraiser.

The Fine Print

Just so you know we're LAH...git.

KC WIFFLE is run by Joyffle, Inc., a Kansas Not-For-Profit Corporation (the “Corporation”), is organized to bring joy back into the hearts of men and women and bring out our community’s best through the nostalgic, whimsical, fiercely competitive, and meaningful friendships made through the game of Wiffle Ball®. The Corporation qualifies under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, (hereinafter “the Code”) as a social and recreational club organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes, substantially all of the activities of which are for such purposes and no part of the net earnings of which shall inure to the benefit of any member.

The Board

Jason Stuber

CWRO – Chief Wiffle Registrar Officer

Got questions about team or player registrations? 


David Moss

CWTO – Chief Wiffle Treasurer Officer

Send all receipts for reimbursement and bracketology questions to:


John Dunaway

CWFS – Chief Wiffle Field Supervisor

Got questions about field layout and conditions?


Jaime Fahlgren

CWMO&M – Chief Wiffle Marketing Officer & MacGyver

Got questions about Facebook, WhatsApp, any marketing questions, or can’t get a hold of someone else? 


Dan Deeble

The Commish

Surely you have no questions.


Mitch Wheeler

CWDO – Chief Wiffle Development Officer

Got questions about our charity efforts?