Ice Wiffle


Way More Hacks | Tons More Action | and...Warm!

This year we are mixing it up by playing 3 on 3 INSIDE the Royals’ amazing Urban Youth Academy so that you can exert less energy recruiting players and more mojo mashing plastic!

Here’s the scoop:

– 3 on 3 tournament!
– Roster Minimum: 3
– Roster Maximum: 6
– This bears repeating again: all games are 100% Indoors! 

There are Three Divisions to choose from:

1. The Recreational Division: you pitch to your own team in order to attain maximum glory at minimum effort.

2. The Intermediate Division: you hit against your opponents’ pitching (which, on the whole, is average in speed and very hittable). More importantly, you look good trying.

3. The Advanced Division: can be downright nasty because most played competitively in high school, college, the pro’s, or have been wiffling since the womb.


* $40/player (with $50 deposit to register a team)

* All net proceeds benefit Dayton Moore’s foundation, @ “C You In the Major Leagues” ( 

* Guaranteed 3 game minimum, round robin format and then single elimination tournament to follow. Each game is 25 minutes.

* There are only 24 teams allowed (for all 3 divisions combined) and we suspect they’ll go quickly!

* The official rules are listed here

* Co-ed (but not mandatory).

* KC WIFFLE reserves the right to move teams across divisions for tournament parity

* Because it all goes to a great cause and our lives are busy, there are no rain out dates or refunds for this tournament. So thank you in advance for being awesome and a part of this great cause!

* And yes, as always, we are aware of the potential of a Chiefs Playoff game on this day and will structure our times and brackets with this consideration in mind. We will do our best to get you to your tailgate party on time.