2016 Spring League Champions:

The Plastic Pyros defeated Glory Days 11-9 but not after a controversial pitching change by Coach Dan Deeble that ultimately led to a three paragraph rule amendment.

2017 Spring League Champions:

The Lugnuts showed up with just 7 studs and bombed their way to glory over The Loyals, prompting a thorough league investigation regarding required # of players that ultimately lengthened our rulebook by two reams.

2017 KC Olympics:

Team Jamaica (aka: The Ken Harvey Cut Offs) edged out Chicken ‘n’ Wiffle after a hard-fought grind on KC’s riverfront.

2017 Fall Classic:

Ken Harvey Cut-Off and Mitch’s Team (yes, that was their name but now referred to as “The Wiffle Narcissists”) were co-champions due to tornadic winds and clouds like Armageddon that hit just before their championship game.

2018 Ice Wiffle:

The Plastic Pyros handily defeated The Lugnuts in the championship, though many questioned both the Pyros cozy indoor field assignments throughout most of the wintry day and potential NCAA recruiting violations, prompting THE BOARD to create two leagues.

2018 Spring Rec Champion - MOTA B
2018 Spring League: Recreation Champs

Morsemen of the Apocalypse – B Slugger Anthony Brown hit four home runs and led his team to an extra inning shocker! More than a few people did quietly question Anthony’s bat of choice, provoking the league’s FIRST (but not last) decree regarding barrel size and bat length.

2018 Spring League: Advanced Champs

The Plastic Pyros prevailed over Ken Harvey Cut-Off in order to maintain their league dominance and launch league-wide demands for mandatory drug testing. 

2018 Crown Town Wiffle Champions

Harvey Cut-Offs. To quote closer Bret Scwartz, “And If I remember correctly, it was not close.”

2018 Fall Classic

Recreation: EPIC took it to Warrior’s Ascent.

Advanced: The Pyros overcame a 0-2 deficit to defend their title over “Royalty & Old”. There’s no picture because, by this point, The Pyros have grown weary of winning photos.

2019 Spring Leagues: Advanced Champs

Advanced: !PLASTICFANTASTIC! surprised everyone by rising from the lowest seed to run the table, defeating The Overland Park Rangers by a lot to a little.

2019 Spring Leagues: Recreation Champs

Recreation: Morsemen of the Apocalypse B prevailed over Chicken ‘n’ Wiffle 3-1 in a hard-fought pitcher’s duel.

2019 Wiffle Ball @ The Hollow

Home Run Derby Winner: Danny Boresow

After tying minor leaguer and Whitey Herzog’s grandson, John Urick with 16 home runs in 60 seconds, Danny took the Crown in a sudden death shootout.

(He was also the Home Run Derby Winner at the 2018 Crown Town Wiffle Tournament.)

2019 Crown Town: Recreation Champs

The Collins’ Crushers pulled it out over EPIC. That’s about all we remember but we’re sure it was impressive.

2019 Crown Town: Advanced Champs

The Ken Harvey Cut-Offs celebrated an extra inning walk-off home run derby finish, for a masterfully played 2-1 win over !PLASTICFANTASTIC!